White Implants

White Implants Development Corp was established in 2007 with the objective to develop and market a two phase zirconium implant with a modifiable glass fiber abutment. The key advantages of this concept are:

  • Outstanding aesthetics for patients, no dark crown edges and dark shadows on the gums as often seen when titanium implants are used.
  • Compact and easy to understand product program for dentists, because the abutments can be shaped just like the familiar conventional crown preparation method.
  • Strong injection mould zirconium implant which can be inserted with an exceptional high insertion force (> 45 Ncm), because of the sophisticated and innovative neck design and special corresponding driver instrument.

This innovation is based on earlier concepts from the prominent Dutch implantologists Bart Beekmans D.D.S. and Hans Beekmans D.D.S.

The Company is based in the Netherlands and has received the Technopartner Label from the Dutch Government, who partially guaranteed the Company’s start-up financing via its agency SenterNovem, under a program to support innovative enterprises in the Netherlands. The Company has submitted several international patent applications during the extended R&D process.

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