Immediate Placement CeraRoot Implant #14 by Dr. Xavi Oliva

This is a case of a fractured maxillary right first premolar which was immediately replaced with a CeraRoot 14 implant specifically designed for premolar replacement.
Case by Dr. Xavi Oliva Granollers, Spain


Replacing Maxillary Right Premolar with CeraRoot 14
Replacing Maxillary Right Premolar with CeraRoot 14
Fractured Premolar
Fractured Premolar
CeraRoot 14 Immediately Placed
CeraRoot 14 Immediately Placed
CeraRoot 14 Immediately Placed
CeraRoot 14 Immediately Placed
Periapical X-ray
Periapical X-ray
CeraCrown 14 for Pick up Impression
CeraCrown 14 for Pick up Impression



Zeramex-T Two piece Zirconia Implant By Dr. Bobbie Beckman, Italy


Replacing a Maxillary Premolar with a Z-Look Evo Zirconia Implant: Dr. Sammy Noumbissi


Video Zirconia Implant Surgery By Roberto Rodrigues: Florianopolis Brazil

This video by Dr. Roberto Rodrigues from Brazil showcases the placement of a one-piece zirconia implant to replace tooth #19. Temporization and implant protection was done with a Nesbitt/Maryland type bridge fixed temporary appliance.

Ziconium Implant Surgery from Brad Leigh on Vimeo.


Zeramex T by DentalPoint – About

Dentalpoint develops and distributes innovative high-quality implant systems in the dental implant market. With its product line ZERAMEX. Dentalpoint sells the worldwide only certified two-part implant system fully made out of high-performance zirconia.

Dentalpoint aims to cooperate with the world leaders in dental implantology. In September 2009, Dentalpoint was approved by the Implantat Stiftung Schweiz (Swiss implant foundation) as a full member. This milestone achievement manifests Dentalpoint’s acceptance by the market and academia as market leader in full-ceramic dental restoration. Furthermore, Dentalpoint has gained the renowned Universities of Berne and Geneva as scientific partners, which currently also conduct several clinical and histological studies with the ZERAMEX system.

As market leader in the seminal niche of full-ceramic dental restoration, Dentalpoint composes of an outstanding market position and promising growth perspectives.

With the continuous development of innovative and high-quality products as well as the consequent implementation of the worldwide marketing strategy, Dentalpoint is creating a solid basis for the realisation of its growth plans and to sustainably secure its excellent market position


Sticky: Z-Systems — About

Z-Systems – your Swiss experts for metal free dental implants. Our ceramic implant systems Z-Look3 and Z-Look3 EVO are made of a special Zirconia, the ZrO2-TZP-A-Bio HIP. With this special zirconium oxide bio-ceramic and the special production process of the Z-Systems implants, we fulfill the requirements of the dental implantology as well as the needs of metal free and cosmetic dentistry.

Z-Systems have over 5 years clinical experience with Z-Look implants. Z-Systems implants have been approved by several safety regulatory agencies across the globe, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA since 2007).Today, with far over 10.000 placed implants, we offer you an aesthetic, healthy, and safe alternative in modern dentistry – also for over-dentures available. We are happy to advise you. Please navigate to “countries“ to find your local person.

Z-Systems – the aesthetic and white alternative for implant dentistry. Now you have the choice: WHITE or GREY.

Sticky: CeraRoot — About

Located in Barcelona, Spain, ORAL ICEBERG company is a global leader in zirconium oxide implant and restorative dentistry. Founded by Drs. Oliva in 1995, the company has experienced a great growth with the development of the CeraRoot zirconium oxide implant system and the CeraCrown prosthetic components.

In collaboration with leading clinics (LDCW – The Leading Dental Centers of The World), research institutes and universities, we study and develop implants, prosthetic components and instruments for use in tooth replacement solutions.

We also offer a comprehensive training and services to the dental profession worldwide, including training and education, which is provided in collaboration with the LDCW group. Our products are available worldwide through the online shop.

Sticky: Bredent — About

Natural Beauty

Your patients‘ demands on the esthetic appearance of prosthetic restorations are growing. The new tooth-colored whiteSKY zirconium dioxide implant made by bredent medical meets your patients‘ high demands on esthetics. No dark shades will affect the beauty of the restoration. Perfect results will be achieved even in cases of low gingiva height. Lasting satisfaction of your patients with whiteSKY implants is ensured and your patients will recommend you – there is no bigger compliment patients can pay!

A growing number of patients have developed allergies to metals; the whiteSKY zirconium implant represents a reliable alternative for this group of patients. The absence of metals protects your patients against undesired negative reactions.

The material is perfectly suited for implant since it features a strength that is three times higher than that of titanium, exhibits ideal elasticity and long-term resistance to fracture. Scientific studies have showed that it features the same characteristics as comparable titanium surfaces as far as osseointegration is concerned.

Thanks to the one-piece design of the implant, it is always suitable for immediate loading, i.e. the same requirements as those for an immediately loaded titanium implant need to be fulfilled such as sufficient bone volume, adequate primary stability and connecting to adjacent teeth or to other whiteSKY implants

Sticky: Ziterion — About

Ziterion – a company demanding high standards

ziterion, located in Uffenheim, Central Franconia, Germany, is a medical technology company which was founded by Steffen Kahdemann and a financial investor in June 2005.
Our young, highly motivated team is specialized in the research, development and marketing of dental implants, aiming at the simplification of dental implant therapy, so that in future significantly less components will be necessary for the treatment of more patients.
We exclusively develop new and innovative implant concepts with proved standard materials as well as with alternative materials.

Our 5 company guidelines:

  • Simple
  • Innovative
  • Scientific
  • Lasting
  • Honest

Kahdemann: “We will always offer our customers simple, but nevertheless innovative implant concepts, with the background of scientific documentation, with a lasting high standard and with honest marketing.”

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