Slideshow Zirconia Implant Placement in Defective Bone By Sammy Noumbissi DDS MS

Patient presented with tooth # 12 extracted a few weeks prior. She was given a removable partial denture that she never used and wanted a fixed metal free tooth replacement. After 3D diagnostics and planning and ten weeks after extraction, surgery was performed and a zirconia monoblock implant was placed engaging primarily the palatal root in the apical third. Deficient buccal area was bone grafted, an immediate temporary crown was placed and the implant allowed to integrate for four months.

Zirconia Implant in Defective Bone_Surgical Version from Sammy Noumbissi DDS MS on Vimeo.

Video Zirconia Implant Surgery By Roberto Rodrigues: Florianopolis Brazil

This video by Dr. Roberto Rodrigues from Brazil showcases the placement of a one-piece zirconia implant to replace tooth #19. Temporization and implant protection was done with a Nesbitt/Maryland type bridge fixed temporary appliance.

Ziconium Implant Surgery from Brad Leigh on Vimeo.

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