Title: Ceramic Restorations Simplified: veneers and crowns.

By: Dr. Rafael Andreiuolo

Scheduled On: Feb 15, 2018 – (09:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

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Abstract: All ceramic restorations have greatly advanced over the past decade. Novel materials and
techniques have emerged enabling dentists to make procedures faster and more precisely. This
3-hour workshop is intended to provide theoretical and hands-on activities on ceramic veneers
and crowns fabrication. Topics overviewed include modern teeth preparation, provisional
restorations, impression techniques, rational ceramic material selection and comprehensive
adhesive cementation.
1. Choosing the right ceramics for each case;
2. Minimally invasive approach: why, when and how?
3. Step by step contemporary veneer and crown fabrication;
4. Hands-on: Provisionals with bis-acrylic resin;
5. Hands-on: Impression;
6. Hands-on: Adhesive cementation with self-adhesive resin cements


Feb 15, 2018 – (09:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

Ceramic Restorations Simplified: veneers and crowns.
By: Dr. Rafael Andreiuolo
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Price: $375

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