Ceramic is easier. But different. Zirconia vs Titanium Implants

Ceramic is Easier – Zirconia vs Titanium Dental Implants

THE CHALLENGE: It has been proven that well-established treatment protocols for titanium implants frequently do not work with ceramic implants, because ceramic is subject to different biological laws and follow a different healing mechanism than titanium.
THE OPPORTUNITY: On the other hand, ceramic implants make therapeutic solutions possible which would otherwise be inconceivable with titanium implants, because zirconium oxide is the only material upon which the gingiva can grow. Many of the differences between zirconia vs titanium implants still need to be explored by implant dentistry. One day, due to metal biocompatibility issues, zirconia may become the primary dental implant material used for tooth replacement. 

THE EXPERIENCE: The team of doctors, dentists, and specialists behind SDS ceramic implants continually develop the unique ceramic implantation concept and are in regular contact with their users in real time, more or less 24/7, through many types of input sources including the SDS shared user chat technology.
To share this experience SDS Swiss Dental Solutions AG has founded its own training and education center – the Ceramic Competence Center (CCC)
Biological dentistry, according to Dr. Volz, is the key building block in the SWISS BIOHEALTH® CONCEPT treatment which continues to achieve overwhelmingly successful and consistent results at the new SWISS BIOHEALTH® CLINIC in Kreuzlingen. The symbiosis between biological medicine and biological dentistry, as well as, biological treatment concepts and protocols, forms a new foundation for the future of biological medicine. Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz is the clinic’s medical director. As founder of SDS, developer of the innovative SDS ceramic implant system and the Dr. Volz Biological Dentistry® concept, he has been at the forefront of modern dental medicine for the last 17 years. Swiss Dental Solutions zirconia implant manufacturer.
The 2018 CCC program gives you a wide range of courses to learn techniques such as Neural therapy, Vitamin & Infusion therapy, the Short Cut Concept, Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF bone grafting implant techniques with Dr. Choukroun, and other courses. Visit www.swissdentalsolutions.com/en/course-overview
At end of March 2018, we will start with the simultaneous German to English translation service of the German courses making it easier for you to participate:

For more information and contact details please visit www.swissdentalsolutions.com

titanium vs zirconia dental implants


TAV Dental – The Future is White

TAV Dental focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of zirconia dental implants and prosthetic parts, and is seeking to improve dental implant treatments by making zirconia dental implants common world-wide.

TAV Zirconia implants are the result of years of profound R&D process with exceptional focus on the safety and performance of the implants.

The implants are manufactured using the advanced Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) technology. This technology offers far greater advantages in terms of part design, mechanical properties and manufacturing capabilities.

TAV Dental offers both, one piece and two-piece zirconia implants. The two- piece implants abutment connection is with screw.

These implants take the dental industry a major step into the future. The metal free option, together with reliable osseointegration, superior mechanical properties, biocompatibility and high esthetic results, has now become reality.

For more information please visit: www.tavdental.com

Placement of a One-Piece ZiBone Ceramic Implant in Aesthetic Zone

This patient(M/36y) visited me with a chief complaint of pus discharge from his front tooth. After clinical and radiographic examination, a periapical cyst was found as shown below in the CBCT.
Extraction of 21 followed by cyst enucleation was done and the site was set to heal. The ceramic implant(Zibone) was placed after a period of 12 weeks and putty bone graft along with membrane was used to fill the remaining defect.

by Dr. Saurabh Gupta

ZiBone Ceramic Implants


ZiBone Zirconia Implant from COHO Technology is a one-piece zirconia implant (fixture and abutment in one piece) made of extremely strong high-purity zirconia ZrO2-TZP conforming to ISO 13356, which has been used for years as orthopedic implant material. Zirconia is an ideal material for making implants. Compared to aluminum oxide and titanium, zirconia possesses superior mechanical properties that make it stronger, less brittle, resist to fracture and deformation.

Superior Bloodline

ZiBone has inherited COHO’s rich experience in manufacturing biotech machinery and products. Having the foundation and studied intensively with precision on the exact delicate detail of CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) and PIM (Powder Injection Molding), we successfully obtained several patents and become the one you can trust. Health is the main focus in our products.



The success in every product produced by ZiBone arise from COHO’s genuine dedication in oral hygiene. Innovative technology and full technical support is the main reason for ZiBone’s extraordinary ceramic implant solution.


E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.zibone.com


Immediate Placement of SDS One Piece Zirconia Implants #5,7,8,9,10 by Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

Immediate placement of SDS one piece zirconia implants

 – by Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

Extraction of all root canals and devitalized teeth in the upper jaw, followed by immediate implantation of 5 SDS 1.1 „Monkey“ implants plus immediate loading. The patient is instructed to only chew soft foods. Due to very big sockets immediate implants # 6,11,12 were not possible. The case shows a multistep approach. We will insert those implants after 2 month of healing and perform to „Intralifts“ to lift the sinuses on both sides. The first appointment was mainly to get the patient as healthy as possible and be able to have teeth at the same time.



Pre_OP Panoramic
Pre_OP Panoramic
Pre_Op Clinical
Pre_Op Clinical
SDS Zirconia Implants Placed
SDS Zirconia Implants Placed




Cross Arch Temporaries on Implants
Cross Arch Temporaries on Implants




Panoramic_X-Ray PostOp
Panoramic_X-Ray PostOp




Zircon Vision ZV3 Zirconia Ceramic Implants


To have a vision, one must be fully familiar with the given conditions. This is our vision. This is our mission, our innovative, patented all-ceramic ZV-3 implant system is the result of years of experience from dentists and our constant search for the optimum in dental implantology. For more information please visit: www.ZV3.com or click on the title of this post above.



Straumann® Pure Ceramic Implant

Straumann® Pure is the zirconia ceramic implant from Straumann AG, Switzerland.

This Ceramic Implant offers you a unique esthetic solution to treat patients with specific needs. While some patients have a thin gingiva biotype, which requires a specific treatment approach, other patients express their explicit wish for a metal-free alternative.

The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant is based on decades of experience and offers you a unique esthetic solution to treat patients with specific needs. The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant has a monotype design based on features of the Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Standard Plus and Straumann® Bone Level Implants. This implant is the only ceramic implant to have a tooth-like ivory color for optimum aesthetics.

For more information please visit: www.straumann.com/en/pure/en.html 


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