Augma Bone Graft Cements Workshop.

By: Dr. Amos Yahav

Augmentation and bone grafting procedures have become an indispensable part of our daily practice over the past decades with the implementation of implants in the maxillofacial and dental field.

Conventional grafting procedures require skillfulness in addition to experience, and even so they still are cumbersome, time consuming, have a prolong healing period and limited amount of vital bone as a result.

In addition to the above, the surgical techniques involved with those grafting materials necessitate tension free, primary closure, membrane coverage, additives etc. all of which force us to perform more invasive and intrusive surgical procedures.

Over the past few years a genuine and significant change has taken place allowing for the development of the patented biphasic calcium sulfate Bone Cements.

The exponential dissemination of this new disruptive revolutionary concept will construct a paradigm shift that contributes noticeably to any clinician who receives training and implements this system in their practice will benefit significantly along with their patients as well.

Bone cements are completely different and an opposite concept then conventional grafting. 

The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to familiarize and train the participant with bone cements manipulation and clinical protocols. We will go over how we can confront any bone augmentation challenges easier, faster, and less invasive with both higher predictability and superior outcomes. You will also learn to keep the flap with tension and partially exposed without any membrane coverage during closure, plus how to predict the outcome at the day of surgery by taking the muscles movement influence on the stability of the graft out of the equation.

This workshop is a must for those who wants to upgrade their augmentation skills and incorporate bone cements in their augmentation arsenal.

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